Mopani Mufulira West – Heap Leach Project, LTS Design and Built

The Lusanga Conveyor Department was established in 2003, born from the current need from mining clientele for engineering services for the maintenance and refurbishment of existing conveyance systems. Lusanga set forth to establish themselves as the main contractor concentrating on conveyance systems, bringing the latest conveyor technologies to major mining companies. 

Lusanga has set out to identify the latest technologies in product performance and cost effectiveness and has established Distributor Agreements with leading companies operating in this field. A listing of these companies can be found in the Lusanga Product Range. Since its inception, the Lusanga Conveyor Division has refurbished ±100 conveyance systems for various Copperbelt mines both surface and underground and has thereafter established maintenance contracts after completion of these refurbishments having given an undertaking to ensure an availability of the systems of ±95%, coupled with a Lusanga onsite Conveyor Maintenance Team.

Lusanga being the sole suppliers of FLEXCO products (mechanical splices, Belt Cleaning Products, and tracking devices) into the Zambian and DRC mining environment since 1995 have gained vast experience with conveyor maintenance problems.

Lusanga Composite Conveyor Rollers

Lusanga, with its Sole Distribution of CCR Composite rollers, which are the world’s leading Composite manufacturer, has for over a decade, promoted and pioneered the use of Composite rollers in all aspects of the mining conveyance industry in Zambia, with its first Composite installations in 2008.

Lusanga has incorporated MapTsoft RFID on all components (rolls, belt splices, pulleys, belt cleaning products, etc) of the Mufulira Heap Leach System, in view of streamlining maintenance, tracking and reporting for the systems lifespan. This new generation of maintenance tracking enables the mines operational team and senior management to monitor the performance of products installed on the system and ensures the highest cost return of capital expenditure for the project’s success.

Lusanga and its principals are in the forefront of this technological innovation which will revolutionize maintenance reporting and capital item tracking to the finest detail. 


Product Range

  • Conveyor Rolls – Sole agent for Zambia/DRC of CCR Hybrid rolls/frames and Composite HDPE/Nylon rolls
  • Conveyor BCP’s – Sole agent for Zambia/DRC of Flexco Products including Mechanical fasteners, Belt cleaning products, tracking devices, and skirting systems
  • Conveyor Pulleys – Sole agent for Zambia/DRC of Bosworth Pulleys RSA
  • Screw take-ups– Agent for Zambia/DRC of Dymot Technologies.
  • Conveyor RFID Tracking – Sole agent for Zambia/DRC of MapTsoft maintenance and tracking technologies.
  • Conveyor Pulley Lagging / Cold Splicing – Rubber lagging and solutions, along with Nordbak Ceramic Lagging, and Flexco Rubber Lagging products.
  • Conveyor Belting –  (coming soon) Continental belting and splicing accessories/adhesive supplier

Service Range

  • Engineering re-specification of existing conveyance systems
  • Re-design of existing conveyance systems
  • Maintenance services for existing conveyor systems
  • Turnkey design and erection of conveyance systems associated in plant equipment and structures.
  •  Fitment and commissioning of conveyor products listed above
  •  Cold splicing and mechanical splicing of conveyor belting
  • Pulley lagging in-situ

Pulley Reman-Lagging Services

Lusanga has a fully equipped Workshop with heavy lifting equipment to handle most Heavy-Duty Mining Pulleys in the Zambian market. Lusanga has been lagging Pulleys for over 20 years in the Zambian market offering mining clients with technical assistance and is well positioned to handle any Pulley. Re-lagging of Clients pulleys is vital to their operations to ensure their lagging choice is correctly installed as per the OEM’s specifications. Workmanship is tightly monitored and controlled, which gives Lusanga’s Clientele absolute confidence that their conveyance system uptime is optimized, Pulley lagging life is key to this, both from expected lifespans and the co-efficient of friction for tensions.

Maptsoft Tracking, reporting, and maintenance recording.

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