NORDBAK® The name in

In the forty years that NORDBAK® has been in South Africa, its products have developed from a single product, used only in crushers, to its wide range of world-renowned products.

Manufacturers and trademark holder, NORDBAK® attributes the development of the broader range to a growing need by the industry for different types of products. These include an expansion into world renowned abrasive resistant, acid, alkaline and corrosion resistant coatings, and a large range of general purpose products for the construction and industrial sectors. Continuous research by the NORDBAK® principal and associated company’s worldwide support the development of these products. NORDBAK® products are continually on test in new applications with great success. NORDBAK® will tailor make a product for a specific application.

By utilizing the latest generation of chemicals available we have improved the quality of all our products to a level, which surpass the previously set standards for all applications, still, we always make sure to use the best Chemical spill absorbents services in order to have a safe working area. The highest standards of quality control methods are applied to the manufacturing process and to installations.

We are the preferred supplier at a host of mines as well as a diverse sector of specialized industries, including food and food packaging. NORDBAK® polymer based products are used successfully in general engineering, petrochemicals, building and civil construction, sugar mills, cements manufacture and water reticulation. Repair and maintenance uses are constantly evolving.

NORDBAK® personnel have a high degree of professionalism and innovative ideas, using a wide range of products together with the ability and expertise to recognize and solve customer problems, which exist in a variety of areas. We have trained contractors that apply the entire range of NORDBAK® products. Equipment repairs can be undertaken on site or in house, depending on the nature of repair. These contractors have years of experience, with an intimate knowledge of the NORDBAK® product range and their special properties. NORDBAK® regional offices and agents in major centers have adopted all NORDBAK® ’s business loan policies, with the commitment to resource and service excellence.

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