RYCO Hydraulic Division

The Lusanga RYCO Hydraulics Division was established in 1992 to service the every growing hydraulics market and needs from major mining clientele in an ever demanding commercial environment. The Division has over 20 Specialised on-site 24/7 Hose assembly workshops for various clients through Zambia and the DRC, with ±100 RYCO Hydraulics specially trained and certified employees for the expert technical service clients have come to expect from Lusanga.

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Today, with continuous division evolution, Lusanga stands as the Market Leader for Hydraulic Hoses both in Zambia and the DRC, and has become Central and Southern Africa’s No 1 Premier Select RYCO Distributor. With innovative reporting structures that are second to none within Zambia and throughout the world market, Lusanga stands proud of it’s ability to service clients at the highest level of quality and workmanship. Hoses are not just a business for Lusanga, we consider it a science.

As a certified Premier Distributor, Lusanga Group have earned RYCO’s Sole Distributorship for Zambia and the D.R.C.  

To achieve this status, our operation has successfully passed a rigorous certification process. This certification process, which involves the completion of extensive training and testing, along with the passage of strict, detailed inspections of our facility by a RYCO representatives, is intended to insure the best practices and promote world class services.

Each year, our hose shop undergoes inspection to ensure the availability and proper operation of equipment, machinery, measurement tools, hose assembly logs and equipment manuals. This guarantees a superior product by a qualified and dedicated team.

 RYCO Product Specialist

All our staff has completed the RYCO Fluid Conveying Products School and Technical Qualifications for Hydraulic Hose Assembly certification as a Premier Distributor. Our Technicians have extensive prior experience with hydraulic-fluid-conveying products and are re-certified every three years. All Trainee technicians are required to have on-the-job experience of a minimum 12 months to be classified as a Hose Technician, ensuring absolute confidence from our clients not only on technical qualifications but also hands-on experience.

Certified Hose Technician

Our Certified Hose Technician’s are RYCO tested and must demonstrate proficiency in the selection, assembly, cleaning, and testing of all RYCO products sold at our onsite workshops. This means that each assembly you purchase will be inspected, cleaned, and capped by a certified expert to ensure quality, along with sealing the hose in plastic bags to ensure zero contamination of your hydraulic systems that could cause unnecessary damage to vital and expensive components.

 What Does This Mean to You?

As our customer, you are also RYCO’s customer. And, as a Premier Distributor, Lusanga not only assemble and sell RYCO products, we know RYCO products inside and out, and have the necessary equipment, inventory and trained personnel to best assemble and distribute them. The reason we are so proud of our Premier Distributor status is that we can confidently offer you the best service, the best products and the most knowledgeable team of professionals that are available in the market.


RYCO Isobaric Hose – Match Your Hoses To Your System Pressure

Today’s equipment calls for the highest quality, robust and extremely flexible hoses. RYCO’s solution – our Isobaric hose range.

RYCO’s Isobaric hoses offer constant pressure performance throughout each range. This provides easy product selection and simplifies system design; a hose to suit all of your requirements. The bright lay lines help with product identification and selection.

All of the RYCO Isobaric spiral range is tested to a minimum of one million impulse cycles to deliver extended hose life cycle, and exceptional performance and durability. To learn more about RYCO’s Isobaric hose range visit us at www.RYCO.com.au.

pressure ratingisobaric hoses

RYCO JSEAL– The New Standard in JIC Fittingsjseal

At RYCO we are dedicated to delivering better solutions to our customers. In early 2014 we undertook the challenge of designing and developing a JIC fitting that equalled or bettered the performance of ORFS. The result is the RYCO JSEAL™, a new and improved JIC standard. JSEAL™ is set to revolutionise the fluid conveying industry. The design of JSEAL™ features a convex female seat that is engineered to be used with any male JIC fitting. With a repositioned strike zone away from the male tip, JSEAL™ delivers up-to-double the strength. Due to the solidity of the nut, JSEAL™ delivers double the torque and eliminates side load issues. In fact, combined with its convex seat, JSEAL™ can handle up to double the working pressure. RYCO’s JSEAL™ means increased efficiency, improved productivity, unparalleled reliability and ongoing cost effectiveness.

For the customer this means No Sweating, No Weeping, No Stretching, No Cracking and No Leaks. And because of its distinctive black nut, you will always know its JSEAL™. With JSEAL™ you can expect savings on labour, savings on warranty claims and savings on part replacement. After all, JSEAL™ is built to last. To learn more about RYCO JSEAL™ visit us at www.RYCO.com.au/JSEAL.

Contract Clients

Contract Clients receive preference on technical services and enjoy our Patent Pending KPI Reporting System, which enables Clients to Weekly, Fortnightly, and or Monthly manage their hydraulic equipment fleet with maximum efficiency, as we all know, right information at the right time is vital.

As one of the fastest growing distributors of hydraulic & industrial hoses, components and related supplies, Lusanga prides itself on providing superior products, quality services, and unparalleled value add technical support. Lusanga recognize that our success is based on the integrity of our dealings and relationships with you, our customer. It is our goal to deliver quality service and solutions that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

  • Large On-Site Inventory
  • Trained Product Specialistsjseal 2
  • Same Day Service
  • Delivery
  • Onsite Workshop Set Ups
  • Custom Hose Assembly
  • Inventory Control
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Patent Pending Key Performance Indicators Reporting System
  • Machine Inspections for reporting Breakdown potentials
  • Recommendations to reduce Failures and maximise Availability
  • On-Site Client Product Training and Hose Management mini-courses

Hydraulic Fittings

Our inventory includes the finest brand names in hydraulic fittings. Lusanga proudly provide the most complete port to port product range in the industry.

Some of the many value added services that you can depend on include a large on-site inventory, a wide range of configurations and materials, prompt delivery, RYCO trained product specialists, and customized inventory.

  • American & Foreign connections
  • Low Pressure
  • High Pressurehoses
  • Cat Style
  • Komatsu style
  • Extreme pressure Code 61/62


Lusanga offer all types of couplings including a wide range of hose and tube couplings, quick disconnect couplings, etc.  We stock thousands of coupling configurations and strive to meet the needs of all of our customers. Contact our product specialists with your specific requirements.

  • Air
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Hydraulic
  • Chemical
  • Mil-spec
  • Metric

Hose & Hose Accessories

Lusanga stocks and supplies the best brand names in the industry. As an RYCO Premier Distributor, our product specialists can assist you in identifying appropriate product solutions that will help save you time and money.  In addition, our specialists provide on-going support and service that you can depend on.

Our wide range of hose accessories includes, but is not limited to, all types support clamps, protective sleeving, FRAS , coils, and flare seals.


ISOBARIC Mining Hose Vs Industrial Hose

ALL Lusanga hoses provided for in the Mining environment are specifically chosen to maximise hose lifespans. over 60% of all hose failures are a direct result of abrasion, that’s why Lusanga only supply extreme abrasion resistant covers, and cut resistant hoses to our mining clients. These are as follows;

  • T3000-Diehard (245 Bar)
  • T4000-Diehard (280 Bar)
  • H6000-Diehard (420 Bar)

Lusanga provides many value added services including large inventory, delivery, custom hose assemblies, support for a wide range of applications, various materials, machine hose re-specification, hose tracking systems.

  • Hydraulic
  • Industrial
  • Air
  • Chemical
  • Fire

Hydraulic Accessories (Lusanga Group Holdings – DOSCO JV)

Lusanga has established key relationships with international Principal’s for the supply of critical hydraulic components or Mining clients. Some which are as followsRSG

  • Vickers Pumps
  • Parker Pumps
  • Rexroth Pumps
  • Kawasaki Staffa Motors and Pumps
  • Saur Danfoss valves
  • Reservoir Accessories
  • Valves
  • Accumulators
  • Cylinder Design and Manufacture
  • Filtration
  • Heat Exchanges
  • HITORC Hydraulic Hand tools

Major Clients

Lusanga major clients are as follows:

  • Mopani Copper Mines
    • Mufulira                                           2 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Redpath
    • Mufulira                                            1 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Konkola Copper Mines (JCHX / KCM / Provtech)
    • Nchanga                                             All Op’s 1 Hose Assembly Workshops
    • Konkola                                              1#  2 Hose Assembly Workshops
    • Konkola                                              3# 2 Hose Assembly Workshops
    • Konkola                                              Surface Op’s 1 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Chibuluma                                                          U/G & Surface 2 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Sandvik                                                               Lumwana MARC 1 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • EGMF                                                                  Kolwezi Open Pit Operations 1 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Tenke Fungurumi                                              1 Hose Assembly Workshops
  • Kinsenda Mine U/G Op’s                                 1 Hose Assembly Workshops

Technical Support and Value Add Services for Contract Clients

Application Engineering Support

  • Hydraulic Hose Workshop to be operational 24 hours.
  • 4 Hose Technicians to man each workshop 24 hours daily on a weekly roster system.
  • Dedicated Hose Inspector for all major Contract sites, to work in collaboration with Client’s maintenance crews to inspect, and recommend on necessary areas to increase hose life and improve on both MTTR and MTBF.
  • Target objective
  • 80% Preventative Maintenance (Hose changed during Service Days)
  • 20% Break Downs
  • LTS promise to service Client’s on a 95% stock and service level target and provide a hose within 30 minutes of its request.
  • Product selection and application advice to maintenance personnel


LTS has catalogued the hydraulic systems for ±42 makes and models of OEM mining equipment on a central database for which hose standard charts are produced for all workshops. This enables LTS to give the correctly specified hose every time. In some instances LTS has exceeded the OEM’s specifications and achieved longer hose life without sacrificing cost effectiveness.

Product support and FAILURE ANALYSIS for Every hose LTS assembles. All Service Support contracts have a condition that all hose failures must be
analysed/inspected before LTS can manufacture a new hose assembly

 Technical Support

Lusanga has developed detailed Job descriptions and accountability for each staff level, Managers, Asst Managers, Inspectors, Lead Technicians, Technicians, Junior Technicians, Trainee Technicians (24 month minimum). The Division has Staff training/development and assessment schemes in place for all ±90 personnel.

 Training – Hose Selection &  Application Mini Course

LTS holds monthly training courses for all major clientele’s workforce to reinforce the importance of correct hose selection, routing, and the advantageous uses of hose protection accessories.

Key Performance Indicators Report KPI’s – ( Free of Charge Service – Contract Clients )

These reports are critical to the success of Lusanga in being the market leaders; Clientele regards these reports as key for production planning and monitoring performance of machinery. These reports are also used as tools for assessing the performance of various OEM’s hoses provided with new machines and the machines themselves.

OEM’s – Zambia is home to MARC (Maintenance and Repair contracts ) from OEM’s in the underground mining market. Availability of machinery being the key performance indicator for most mining clients. OEM’s are kept honest in regards to downtime logging and response times to machine failures with the LTS KPI reports.

LTS (Z) Ltd has changed the approach to Hydraulic Hoses from supply to service by applying VALUE ADDED SERVICES at the same RYCO List Price as clients would receive in RSA. This is done to conform to RYCO Engineering Application and Quality Program

Service Program

One of Lusanga’s driving motivations is to ensure maximum availability for Clientele machinery, This was a major consideration when Lusanga decided on the RYCO products range which is considered one of the worlds trusted brands.

 More availability = More Production = More Profits for clients.


  • Reduce downtime attributed to Hydraulic Hose failures  to 30 minutes maximum
  • Reduce oil consumption on your equipment, as the inspections are carried out every time a machine stops for service to ascertainif oil loss is as a result of leakages from hoses.
  • Equipment failures at face result in a minimum production loss of ±4-5hours, from hose failure, to reporting to Mechanics, to removing hoses, to obtaining new hose from LTS to refitting hoses and refilling hydraulic system with oil.
  • These loses have been calculated at ±$800-00 per hour of downtime, therefore 5 hours attributes to a $4000 loss in production. 80% of these incidents could easily be avoided with Hose inspections and change-outs during weekly services. A $500 replacement hose for preventative maintenance is far more cost effective that $4000 worth of lost production.
  • Technical & Product support – includes hose protection, inspection, machine audits, and hose failure analysis
  • LTS / RYCO have developed specified products to be used specifically for Underground equipment and for surface equipment in the Sub-Saharan Mining environment.
  • Monitoring service levels include monitoring costs per machine per month for Client economical controls.

Consequently, Client MTBF and MTTR ratios will improve.


  1.  Initial survey of equipment to determine the RYCO hose and fitting types to be supplied under contract and set hydraulic hose standard application for each type of machine.
  2. To identify and record individual hose assemblies on all Principal’s machines operating.
  3. To identify and record all Principal’s hose assembly stocks.
  4. I-J-D Failure analysis of hose assemblies and recommendations
  5. RYCO Product Training
  6. RYCO Product performance monitoring


This measures necessary parameters as follows:

  • Costs per hour per individual machine
  • Oil Consumption, per hour per individual machine
  • Downtime, MTTR/MTBF per individual machine
  • Maintenance Categories i.e. Planned Maintenance against Breakdown (80/20)% as PM relative to BD
  • Service levels / Inspection carried out to determine hydraulic hose conditions on a weekly basis.
  • Recommendations from LTS in regards to improving the above indicators

Operational System by LTS Hose Technician on site

  • Stock Record system
  • Job Cards
  • Hose assembly component detail
  • Assembler name and signature
  • Fitment location/application
  • Manufacture date
  • Traceability
  • Date Manufactured
  • Machine fitted to
  • Assembled by
  • Hose life duration
  • Requisition/Procedure
  • Hose Tagging – IJD Number is engraved onto every hose assembly

The key to LTS’s Application Engineering Support and ability to produce accurate data records, Informative reports, and be dynamic to Clients has been the implementation and diligent use of the I-J-D card established and refined by LTS for ±16 years.

 I-J-D (Inspection – Job – Delivery Card)

Every hose assembled by LTS is recorded individually on IJD Cards with separate serial numbers. Serial numbers are engraved onto the collars or attached using RYCO Oil resistant ID Stickers , for every hose assembledtags 2. This enables traceability of every hose assembled by LTS for Quality Control Management.


 In Summary

Partnering Lusanga’s RYCO Products, Engineering, and Product Support with Client’s individual requirements can produce phenomenal results and increase in productivity of extremely expensive capital equipment.

This resulting Partnership has become the market standard with all Lusanga  Mining Clients, and Lusanga would welcome the challenge not to be a supplier for hydraulic hoses, but be a Partner in Hydraulic Hose Management for our clientele. With the introduction of the Hydraulic accessory range of products (being Vicker/ Parker/ Rexroth pumps), Lusanga strives to be a “One Stop Shop” for all clientele needs. Coupling this business model with the fact that Lusanga maintains its own Bonded Warehouse and holds RYCO stock to the value of ± USD 2.6m, Lusanga is well positioned to fulfil and exceed clientele’s expectations.


Should you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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